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Your hometown insurance agency since 1974

Situated in Market Square within the historic mill yard, along the banks of the Pow Wow River, Gould Insurance proudly serves the hard working people and businesses of Amesbury, MA.

Offering our customers knowledgeable advice with a community focus

Gould Insurance provides the experience you rely upon to keep your family secure and your business running smoothly. Focused on the needs of individuals and businesses in the local community, Gould is always here for you.

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Who We Are

The Gould Insurance team shows our investment in the Amesbury community and our surrounding New England neighbors every day through our knowledge of the industry and our willingness to go the extra mile to keep our customers happy.

What we do?

Whether you are looking for AUTO, HOME, BUSINESS or RECREATIONAL VEHICLE insurance, Gould Insurance is your local independent insurance choice. An essential part of the downtown Amesbury landscape, with a footprint across Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine, Gould Insurance’s door has been open to families and businesses since 1934.

Our Services

  • Auto Insurance

    You may have a new driver in the family or want to insure a fleet of business vehicles. Whatever your Auto insurance need, The team at Gould Insurance offers knowledgeable and affordable Auto insurance options to keep you and your passengers safe while on the road. Call or email Gould for a customized Auto insurance quote today.

  • Home Insurance

    Your home is your castle, and your shelter from the storm. Whether it is a single-family house, condominium or rental unit, Gould Insurance recognizes the importance of keeping your home’s structure, its contents and occupants safe from harm in the event of a disaster. We are your trusted local source for Home insurance, giving you piece of mind knowing you are always protected.

  • Business Insurance

    Throughout the years, Gould Insurance has partnered with small to medium-sized businesses across Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine to make doing business more affordable. Gould helps both fledgling and experienced business owners navigate successfully through the challenging commercial insurance landscape.

  • Recreational Vehicle Insurance

    When it’s our day off, the team at Gould enjoys having fun with our recreational vehicles, boats, off-road vehicles and antique automobiles just the way you do! We’ll use our expertise to provide the right coverage for your Recreational Vehicle Insurance at an affordable price, so that all you need to think about is the weather report.


Additional Resources

Filing claims, making payments, and connecting you with online resources to make your life easier is what we are all about. Gould Insurance is here to serve and support you with information that’s just a phone call or email away.

  • File a Claim

    In the event it becomes necessary to file a claim, we encourage you to call us at (978) 388-2354, email us at gforms@gouldinsurance.com or visit our office to speak to a representative during regular business hours.

  • Make a Payment

    It’s our pleasure to help you complete the billing process. Call us at (978) 388-2354, email us at gforms@gouldinsurance.com or visit our office during regular office hours for assistance with making payments.

  • Resources

    Gould offers our customers the following resources: Registry Services - Notary Public - Claims Handling - Billing - Coverage questions or issues.

Frequently asked questions

How long will a driving violation stay on my record?

Moving violations and at-fault accidents stay on your driving record for five years. Call us at (978) 388-2354 to speak with one of our representatives about Auto insurance.

Is it true that dogs, trampolines, swimming pools and woodstoves can increase my home insurance premiums?

Insurance companies keep track of all types of claims and have learned that certain items come up more often than others. Therefore, they are cautious when writing a policy with one of these risks. Every insurance company has their own set of guidelines, and some are more lenient than others. Call us at (978) 388-2354 if you need more information about Homeowner’s insurance.

I just hired a new employee. What steps should I follow to add him to my worker’s compensation insurance policy?

No need to worry! Your worker’s compensation policy automatically includes any new employees. Call us at (978) 388-2354 if you need more information about Business insurance.

What is the definition of a recreational vehicle?

Motorcycles, Campers & RV’s, Watercraft & Jet Skis, ATV’s, Snowmobiles and Antique Autos are all examples of recreational vehicles. Here at Gould, we love them as much as you do! Call us at (978) 388-2354 to speak with one of our representatives about Recreational Vehicle insurance.